The Bosch spark plug range for motorcycles

Bosch spark plugs

Maximum quality and reliability

The demands of motorcyclists regarding the performance, quality and reliability of their vehicles are constantly increasing. These demands also need to be met by spark plugs. Bosch therefore offers a wide range of spark plugs which are specifically tailored to the requirements of motorcycles. Continuous development and the expertise provided by a system manufacturer ensure that Bosch spark plugs are constantly up to date with the latest technology.

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  • Product information

    Spark plugs are vitally important in determining the optimum performance and safe operation of the engine. Spark plugs from Bosch are specially adapted to the particular requirements of motorcycle engines.

    The outstanding features of Bosch spark plugs include ...

    • Extremely smooth operation
    • Dependable performance without misfiring over the entire service life
    • Reliable cold starting
    • Optimum combustion and thus low fuel consumption
    • Wide range with the appropriate applications for many brands and engine types
    • Factory-set electrode gap to suit every engine
    • Quick and easy replacement, spark plug seizure is a thing of the past

    Especially in motorcycle engines, with their high engine speeds, spark plugs must withstand specific loads.

    Motorcycle spark plugs from Bosch ...

    • Demonstrate a high insulating capacity even at temperatures of over 1,000°C
    • Are resistant to pressure of up to approx. 100 bar in the combustion chamber
    • Have a high mechanical strength for safer installation
    • Are resistant to chemical processes in the combustion chamber and to damaging residues
    • Can withstand the thermal shocks resulting from the exchange of hot exhaust fumes and cold intake mixture
    • Guarantee an efficient heat dissipation from the insulator and the electrodes

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