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    Reduced Fuel Consumption, Low Emissions: Bosch Lambda Sensors

    Lambda sensors are subject to extreme conditions. A flawless lambda sensor is required to ensure reliable engine running, reduced fuel consumption, low pollutant emissions and the adherence to legal emission specifications – in other words, the profitable operation of a commercial vehicle.

    Optimally Adjusted to Every Model

    Bosch lambda sensors are fitted in the newest generation of commercial vehicles and guarantee adherence to the most recent emission standards. They are unbeatable thanks to their long service life, excellent operation and optimum engine compatibility. They therefore make a contribution to the truck being operated economically and in an environmentally responsible manner.


    Just as the Inventor Intended

    Bosch invented the lambda sensor and is still the 1st choice in this field. An annual production of about 45 million lambda sensors provides convincing support for Bosch's particularly impressive production competence. It's no wonder that most vehicle manufacturers trust in Bosch lambda sensors.


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