Gasoline Filters

Gasoline filters
  • Product information

    Effective Filtration of Even the Smallest Particles

    Sectional view of gasoline filter

    Task of the gasoline filter:

    To protect the injection system and the engine against particles and other residue in the fuel

    Change gasoline filters regularly according to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications!

    Consequences of silted-up filter:

    • Loss of engine power
    • Impairment or interruption of the fuel supply
    • Impairments to the output of the fuel pump, even to the extent of a short-circuit
    • Increased wear

    Gasoline line filters for carburetor engine

    Gasoline line filters are used in carburetor engines to prevent starting problems and poor engine running. They protect the nozzles against impurities.

    Gasoline filters for electronic injection systems

    Even the smallest particles can cause considerable wear on your vehicle's injection system. To guarantee ideal operation and a long service life of the components, gasoline filters from Bosch filter out even the smallest impurities with a diameter of less than one thousandth of a millimeter.


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