Bosch LHM+

Marginal Column
  • Product information

    An extra boost for vehicles with LHM system

    The mineral hydraulic fluid LHM+ was specially developed by Bosch for braking systems with mineral fluid hydraulics and LHM system. It provides assistance for hydraulically controlled braking, steering and suspension functions and ensures maximum safety and ride comfort thanks to top Bosch quality standards.

    • Produced from base oils with extra thermal stability
    • Application range -40° C to approx. 110° C
    • High viscosity index for consistent braking force transmission even at high temperatures
    • Optimum cold flow properties at low ambient temperatures
    • High ageing resistance
    • Excellent corrosion protection for all hydraulic components
    • Improved additives and viscosity for greater temperature ranges
    • Sizes available: 0.5/1.0/5.0 liters
    • Based on the latest vehicle manufacturer specifications
    • Conforming to ISO 7308 quality standards

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