Service advice: Battery replacement

Service advice: Battery replacement

In-depth start/stop system expertise: Bosch, the ideal choice for workshops

As a top quality system supplier and partner to the vehicle manufacturing industry, Bosch can offer workshops a comprehensive range of special replacement parts, diagnostic systems and services for the maintenance and repair of start/stop systems. Benefit from the wealth of start/stop system expertise available from Bosch.

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    A job for professionals: Start/stop system battery replacement

    Batteries in vehicles with start/stop systems should always be replaced at a workshop, as only the professional replacement and setting of the right type of battery can ensure proper operation of the start/stop system and attainment of the desired reduction in fuel consumption and CO? emissions. With many vehicles, battery replacement requires the use of a suitable diagnostic tester, e.g. from the Bosch KTS series, for battery adaption in the vehicle and programming of the technical data such as capacity and serial number.

    Points to watch when replacing batteries in vehicles with start/stop systems:

    • Only ever replace AGM with AGM
    • EFB can be replaced with EFB or AGM
    • Conventional lead-acid batteries cannot be used

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