Operating principle

Start/stop system - economical driving

Components from Bosch: Start/stop system technology

1.) Engine control unit with start/stop software option

2.) 12 V DC/DC converter

3.) Deep-cycle resistant battery (EFB, AGM) and battery sensor

4.) Start/stop starter

5.) Neutral position sensor

6.) Wheel speed sensor

7.) Crankshaft sensor

8.) Alternator with braking energy recovery

Marginal Column

Start/stop animation

  • Product information

    The future of mobility: Economical driving, ecological stopping

    Less CO2, less fuel and less expense – automatically and without having to change driving style? Bosch have the answer. A technically sophisticated, highly effective solution: The start/stop system.

    The operating principle of the start/stop system is just as simple as it is efficient: The engine cuts out automatically when the vehicle is stationary. To carry on driving, the engine can be re-started simply by pressing the clutch or, with automatic vehicles, by releasing the brake pedal.


    Starting the engine with a start/stop system is extremely quick and economical. Measurements taken in the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) yielded fuel savings and emission reductions of around 8 %. Savings of up to 15 % are possible in real urban traffic. In combination with a modern gasoline engine, the amount of fuel required for warm starting is only the same as that used when idling for 0.7 seconds. The stop function thus has a beneficial effect right from the very first second - both for people and the environment.


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