Start/stop alternators

The ecological combination: Start/stop technology and Bosch alternators

The ecological combination: Start/stop technology and Bosch alternators

The new generation of high-performance Efficiency Line alternators cuts fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 2 % – good news for motorists and the environment alike. The further enhanced electrical design and the optimized materials employed for the Efficiency Line alternators make it possible to achieve an unprecedented degree of efficiency of 77 %.

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    One step ahead: Efficiency Line alternators

    Efficiency Line alternators

    Its outstanding performance makes the Efficiency Line alternator ideal for use in start/stop systems. As their high output permits rapid charging of the battery, Efficiency Line alternators are particularly efficient at low engine speeds. This means that after every stop the battery is sufficiently re-charged in a very short period of time to permit re-starting without any loss of vehicle power.

    The Clean Combination: Start/Stop Technology and Bosch Alternators

    Advantages of Bosch Efficiency Line alternators

    • Outstanding performance even at low engine speeds
    • Higher output and lower fuel consumption
    • Greater efficiency (above 70 %) – up to 77 % with optional HED (High Efficiency Diode technology)
    • Low noise



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