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    A total of two additional front fog lamps are permissible on each vehicle. These must be capable of being switched on and off separately from the upper and lower-beam headlamps. They may only be switched on together with the lower-beam headlamps. Adjustment is as for the main headlamps. Adjustment dimensions and statutory regulations must always be adhered to.

    There are three different optical principles for additional fog lamps:


    A parabolic reflector reflects paraxial light (such as upper beam), which is drawn out into a horizontal band by the lens. A screen restricts the upward radiation of light.


    Free-form technology

    Using computer-aided calculation methods (CAL technology), reflectors are designed to scatter the light directly and at the same time produce a sharply defined light-dark cutoff. The design of the bulb surround ensures an extremely high light volume with maximum diffusion.

    PES fog lamps

    In fog, this technology ensures a minimum of dazzle for the driver from his/her own lamps. The lens helps to ensure the best-possible light-dark cutoff contrast on the road.


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